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We’ve packed up and will hit the road to the location furthest from any of our homes tomorrow morning – Wakefield! What a beautiful place, the Keweenaw area! The team enjoyed great hospitality at the Holiday Inn Express, great food from The Ambassador, and the post made us feel at home. The scenery the last few weeks has truly made this our Pure Michigan tour, and I think everyone one of us is thankful!

Goodbye Calumet

Fifteen more MSP vehicles are now actively using their new WatchGuard video systems, and enjoying the speed of their new CradlePoint modems. We spent time this week remembering where we’ve been and the road traveled to get where we are today. It really takes a village and ours is spectacular! What makes us successful? The answer is simple. We share every high and every low, as a team. A job started as strangers has turned into journey with an unbreakable team.

Lined Up

Today and tomorrow are days off for us all, away from our families. We couldn’t do this without your support and our gratitude is difficult to encapsulate. I, for one, would have never contemplated pursuing this project without the support of Amy. She is amazing, and I love her dearly for everything she’s doing for our family while we are gone. I’m certain this applies to the families back home for all our team members.

Sunrise In The North