New Partnerships, New Blog Material

New Partnerships, New Blog Material

EVC is excited to be working with Fredrickson Supply, adding safety lighting to Sewer Equipment trucks from their dealership in Grand Rapids, MI.  Their footprint in the shop may be different, but the design of lighting gets the same level of attention as our first...

Michigan Chief’s Show Demo Vehicles

Even though our work schedule doesn’t allow us to be in Grand Rapids this week, two of our builds will be courtesy of Gorno Ford.  The F-150 has a bluePRINT® system by SoundOff and will make an excellent addition to any agency looking for a pickup truck.  Code 3...

Lights Out Gift

What an amazing team of people I get to work with every day.  This morning, out of no where, I was presented with the coolest gift ever.  Thank you to all of you for everything you do everyday for our company and customers! FUI Model Movie