Our team of friendly professionals is here to assist your company in creating the lighting package that meets your needs.  Whether you have one vehicle or hundreds, we can help!

Amber Lighting Installation & Repair

Safety is a top priority when it comes to commerical vehicle operation.  EVC, LLC can provide your fleet of commercial vehicles with amber lighting products, installation and repair. We will always have the amber lighting that your vehicle requires.  Whether you plow snow or drive an oversized load, our shop has what it takes to keep your commercial vehicle safe on the road at any time of year.

Amber Lights

Most everyone has seen an amber, or yellow, light on a vehicle.  The color amber is by far the most popular warning light on the market and road.  Even though most anyone can use an amber light,  remember it’s the law to protect those who help which includes all Law Enforcement, Emergency Vehicles, First Responders and Tow Trucks – SLOW DOWN and if possible, change lanes whenever possible to give them room!