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It has been a bit since our last post, so no better time than now to fill you in on what’s happening at EVC.  Our build schedule is quickly filling as we gain more customers from around West Michigan.  The City of Kalamazoo is anxiously awaiting their newest K-9 vehicle, in which we are using a kennel from Owen’s Products in Sturgis.  We have always believed in Michigan First and this newest partnership adds one more vendor to the Michigan-based vendors carried by EVC.

City of Kalamazoo K-9 Awaiting Kennel

After trying two Ford Utility Police Interceptors in last year’s build cycle, the City of Kalamazoo is adding several more to the fleet.  There are a few design changes for the different body style, but the distinctive “All Blue” lighting will stay nearly the same.  Using bluePRINT® by SoundOff Signal, these new patrol vehicles will be the smartest and safest on the road.  The EVC produced package allows the officer to focus on response and allow the technology to help them.  With features such as automatic white cutout and intersection clearing lights and sound, the public safety officers will be able to more safely respond to urgent calls for service.

KDPS Ford Utilities Awaiting Upfitting


EVC is proud to announce a new spin on a very handy product for KDPS and other public safety professionals.  Over the years, we have been mounting sliding trays for SCBA and other gear in vehicles.   We have taken what we have learned and working with a local manufacturer began producing our first generation SCBA Utility Drawer.  Designed from the ground up with quality and universal fit in mind, the SCBAUD can slide up to 220 pounds of gear into your easy reach.

EVC SCBAUD with CargoEaze System

EVC SCBA Utility Drawer System

Though it may look akin to the product we previously used, the similarity stops there. Our engineering team worked for months to make the EVCUD better than those currently on the road all while keeping the price the same for the third straight year!  Heavy-duty, locking drawer slides will make donning your SCBA gear more ergonomic and safer.  Listening to our customers, EVC continues to apply what we learn with what they know and develop better and safer ways to accomplish our mission.

Civilian Meets Police Work

As many of you know, the Chevrolet Impala as we have known it finds itself changing with the times.  No longer available as a patrol vehicle, the newest body style Impala can still find life in the Thin Blue Line.  We recently upfitted three Impalas as administrative vehicles for a customer, and we are quite happy with how they turned out.  Keeping with a simple, yet noticeable, design we look forward to these vehicles as we once again adapt to change.

2017 Impala Administrative Vehicle

As always, if you like what you see here, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!  Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend!

Scott Coy capped a 14-year career as a police officer by starting EVC in 2014. Combing experience on the road as well as that working with largest police fleet organization in the United States, EVC builds vehicles with an “Officer First” thought process, making their mobile offices safer and more ergonomic.