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The EVC team has made it to the UP after our week at home with families and friends. Though it is never easy to leave the comforts of home, heading up here makes it a little bit better. It’s homecoming week here, and may I say it’s fitting? Gladstone and Escanaba both are great cities, made up of great people. The hospitality has always been awesome, so we are looking forward to the next week here as we begin our District 8 stretch of this project.

Dawn of the 8th

Though we are working on the Gladstone Post’s vehicles, we are being hosted by the Gladstone Community Schools bus garage. This place is AMAZING! We are sharing space with not only the buses, but with the high school classes working on their homecoming floats! Community, in most places, is words. Here, it’s tangible and refreshing. I do believe I will have to keep you posted on the goings on with them too!

Plenty of room for all of the EVC Team and equipment!

We are fortunate to have the right people, the equipment and the right partners in our daily lives at EVC. Whether in Kalamazoo or on the road, we remain focused on our WHY and the people who gravitate toward it. Though we’re away, we are thankful for everyone back home. Without you all, we’d be simple nomads with nowhere to call “home”.

Wrapping Up Day One

The EVC team is looking forward to sharing our Upper Peninsula adventure with you over the next three months. Over the course of time, you will see more of the Blue Geese we are updating as well as the natural beauty that surrounds us here. As we make Gladstone and Escanaba home for the next few days, you will certainly see more of the awesome views from our hotel as well as other venues in the area.