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The Law Is The Law

As I view posts on various social media sights or drive down the road, I am confronted with the sights of vehicles using lighting which is illegal.  Michigan law is quite clear on what lights are allowable on privately and publicly owned vehicles, so clear in fact, there is little room for interpretation. Not following the law causes you to hope for the forgiveness an officer on the road or  a magistrate seeing a gray area.  White lights flashing to the rear, green lights, and lights operating when you are not engaged in your official duties are not only violations of the law, but can create dangerous situations for those around you.  If you have not been stopped by law enforcement for one of these violations, it’s likely only a matter of time (or less likely a change in the law) before you have a roadside education.

Green Lighting

We have increasingly had requests from people to sell green lighting.  I can wholly agree the color green is far superior in output for all sorts of scientific reasons, so the desire is understandable.  EVC was founded not only to provide installation services, but, even more importantly, to provide our customers with solid, legal consulting when it comes to the lighting on their vehicles.  We don’t want you to spend your hard-earned money on something which violates Michigan Law and could essentially be thrown to the wind if you’re ever found with it.  For volunteer firefighters, snow plow operators, and others, you can review the  Michigan Motor Vehicle Code, Section 257.628 by clicking the link below.  The current excitement about green light is addressed in Subsection 5(d).

Flashing, rotating, or oscillating amber or green lights, placed in a position as to be visible throughout an arc of 360 degrees, shall be used by a state, county, or municipal vehicle engaged in the removal of ice, snow, or other material from the highway and in other operations designed to control ice and snow, or engaged in other non-winter operations. This subdivision does not prohibit the use of a flashing, rotating, or oscillating green light by a fire service.

Don’t allow yourself to become the victim of bottom-line larceny (EVC-ism which means sellers ignore the law, making their dollar by allowing you to violate the law and taking your money).  Educate yourself so you know what is allowed under the law. Still feel strongly about green lighting on your personal vehicle?  Write your representative to express your opinion and ask for a review of the law. However, until the law changes, our answer to your question of if we will sell,install, or assist in installing a light contrary to Michigan Law will remain the same – No.

For the full section of the motor vehicle code, click here:

Michigan Motor Vehicle Code Section 257.698