In the last few weeks, EVC has been experiencing a growth spurt which is nothing short of amazing.  We are happy to welcome Ottawa Central Dispatch as the newest member of the EVC family.  Beginning soon, we will be dispatching our Mobile Service Unit and three technicians to locations throughout Ottawa County as we help with an upgrade project.  The five-week project will bring us to near Christmas!

EVC also is happy to announce the addition of Patrol PC to our product line-up.  As an installer/distributor, we will be able to provide you with the very best in-vehicle computing!  If your agency is looking to upgrade IT, give us a call and we will get Steve Sarkon to your department for a look at this rugged and powerful tablet.  If your agency is looking for company which will always treat you like a person, not a number, then the Patrol PC team is the one you want in your corner.  With this level of customer service, paired with a high-quality HiNT mounting system, we can help take your IT to the next level!

Speaking of IT, its a good time to remind everyone to take a look at their mobile printers.  Is it time for a refresh?  If so, EVC is your source for Michigan-based Printek printers.  Released at IACP, the new 820 is a full-sized printer ready to take on the competition with a new price!  I was able to take a look at the 820 while visiting Printek earlier this week and find its function quite impressive.  EVC will have the new Printek Interceptor 820 available soon, if you’re interested, please give us a call!

Univisor continues to spread across North America, with our largest order yet headed to Ottawa, Canada!  It’s important to note what makes Univisor different is it’s purpose – a device to readily and affordably identify your vehicle.  If you’re looking to clear traffic, this product will not fit the bill.  Updates are coming, which will continue to make Univisor a leader in fast, reliable vehicle identification. Remember, it isn’t a public safety only product, as there are many uses.  Consider the rural carrier for the US Postal Service, mounting a Safe Responder to the rear window of their vehicle will add identification and safety.  Paper carriers can also benefit from a customized message on any one of the three products in this lineup.

We look forward to continuing to serve those who serve and protect, and thank you for your confidence and support!