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What a week! Our team finished the first of several for KDPS, and have three more Flint Tahoes started. The back lot looks like a Chevrolet Dealership the east end like a Metro Transit stop and the interior of the office looks like…well a mess.

Wally and I spent Wednesday through this morning in the Metro Detroit area working with our partner 911Pro with our latest customer, the Canadian National Railroad Police. We are looking forward to this remote work for the next few weeks and excited for the growth. Our largest project yet kicks off, again in the Metro Detroit area after the 4th of July.

The reception to our announcement of hiring has been a humbling experience. I can’t say enough what an honor it is to be able to serve so many agencies and have so many true “fans” of what we do at EVC. It isn’t too late to get your application or resumes emailed in to us!

This weekend will bring much needed rest as next week we are once again in Detroit, the greater Grand Rapids area and I am excited to serve @SoundOff Signal at our annual Customer Council gathering. Have a safe weekend everyone, and thank you!