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Hard to believe it’s been eight years since the City of Kalamazoo lost a hero. Many will always remember where they were when you received the news. Shock, disbelief and “I’ve got to do something” raced through my mind that April morning. Little did I know the honor which was in store for me. To help remember Eric and assist my brothers and sisters at KDPS, for the next week, I worked closely with PSO Joe Humphries. We were assigned to manage the logistical details at WMU for Eric’s funeral. No time for emotions, because everything had to be just right. On the day of the funeral, the agencies of Kalamazoo County, the FBI and Amtrak Police did get everything right.

PSO Eric Zapata, you’d be proud of your agency, the men and women of the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety. From the chief to the newest recruits, they walk the line everyday because they, we, all promised you “we will take it from here.”

Continue your rest, good and faithful servant.

PSO Eric Zapata