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Week 11 Begins – Only 20 Vehicles Left

Today we started the last week in the Metro Detroit area. Hard to believe the Second District is about to be in the history books! Our folks have achieved so much in the last few weeks, hitting consistent weekly averages and growing as a team. Every member brings value to the effort and it’s demonstrated most in our achievements, when all cylinders are firing. I remember when this project started having one of those “what did we do” moments, and here I am, ten weeks later having one of those LOOK WHAT WE’VE DONE moments!

Mike and Ira Knocking Out a Charger

As I write this article, I sit in awe of the people with whom this journey has brought together from all points of Michigan. Elk Rapids, Kalkaska, Kalamazoo and Pellston are all represented with our EVC team. Four of our six full-time travel team members are from northern Michigan, allowing EVC to realize a goal of hiring from my “home” area. These guys are the very best there are, representing everything you look for in an employee. Their families deserve my gratitude as well – as Amy and I know too well the sacrifices they’re making to travel this beautiful state.

Modems, Yeah We Do Those Too

So, as we close out this chapter, we excitedly look forward to the 8th District and all the natural beauty the Upper Peninsula has to offer! Next week, we will be hard at work prepping our fleet for the long trip ahead, and enjoying some down time with our families. On the 27th, I’ll head north to meet our next hosts in Gladstone and the rest of the Blue Goose team will arrive on the 29th. From there we travel to the far reaches of the UP before heading to the northern most post in Calumet. Be prepared for awesome updates and even better pictures!

Putting Contents in Context

So, Detroit, we are here for the remainder of the week…if we haven’t gotten your vehicle update done, time is running out! Don’t miss out and have someone else take care of you…get with your VMO and make an appointment!