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What an amazing couple of weeks we’ve had in Oak Park. Our hosts at the Holiday Inn in Farmington Hills are amazing, Metro North Post has made us part of the family, and the strength of our team continues to grow!

Metro North, Oak Park

We’ve been so busy, I’ve not been keeping up on our posts…which I’ve heard has a following. This week, the eighth one on the road, started rough when our service truck broke down. We called upon staff at the post and their recommendation introduced us to an amazing mechanic who got us squared away in no time. While the truck was laid up, our MSP team graciously offered transportation to and from the hotel, which was much appreciated!

Sometimes even the service guys need service

Production has hit its mark this week like clockwork. The week started out hot, and though the temperatures cooled, our pace did not. Today we completed 6 vehicles and started a seventh! Which brings me to the milestone! Drumroll….

The 100th Refit

We have broken the 100 vehicle mark! I couldn’t be more proud of the team we have assembled here! Everyone one has their part, and best of all we don’t get into ruts and keep rethinking the process to improve performance. Our entire team has been working together to get to a well-oiled machine.

Vehicles #5 and #6 for the day

You can’t do it alone, and there is no “I” in team has come bubbling to the top over the last week. We are very much a single team made up of 15 people with a common goal, to provide a service to our customers, the troopers of the Michigan State Police, with integrity, honor and care. EVC is looking forward to continuing this project here in Oak Park and beyond!