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EVC, in partnership with WatchGuard, launches its largest project to date next week in Detroit. Over the course of the next year, our newly hired team of travel technicians will be crisscrossing the state installing new video systems in the agency’s 1500 patrol vehicles. We start in the Metro Detroit area, finishing up just before Labor Day. In September, we cross the Mighty Mac and will be in the U.P. for two months before heading south into the “Tip of the Mit” to finish phase one just before Christmas.

We are really excited about the opportunity to serve an agency as legendary as the Michigan State Police. Scott will be leading our team on the road, taking a leave from the day to day operations at EVC in Kalamazoo. Holding down the fort, Amy will be managing day to day business operations and Wally will continue to focus on honing production until Labor Day. With the start of school, Wally will shift back to customer development and handling outside service and sales.

While the project is underway, EVC is left in very capable hands. Teamwork, tenacity and technology will give our customers continuity in service. The team is excited for the opportunities which lay ahead and appreciate the support we’ve received from our customers, fans and especially our families.