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My last post was hung up in Cyberland…and we’ve covered some ground in the last month. Last week, we pushed production on the road to 10 vehicles daily twice with the help of Kalamazoo! Amy, Kolton and Brittany were joined by Nick from the travel team to be able to start working in two locations at once. In all, EVC had an amazing week, completing 37 vehicles combined for Cadillac and Paw Paw! This brings out average number of vehicle completed per day to 9.33 – a bit of a jump from where we started all those months ago!

Gaylord Stop

The stop in Gaylord went well, and we’d like to thank the Otsego County Bus System for allowing us to work in their facility last week! Their hospitality demonstrated how much this project depends on others to get done – right. Clearing out a corner for us, and letting us nearly have the run of the garage truly allowed the team to take advantage of a nice warm space in Northern Michigan. The Post there was spot on with vehicle pick ups and deliveries making our job a breeze!


The Travel Team joined the Home Team after Gaylord to kick off the 5th District production at our Kalamazoo facility! Not everyone is able to travel, but we all want to take part in this monumental project, so with some careful planning, EVC and MSP decided to take on two districts at once. This allowed all of us to come “home” for a week and knock out the headquarters assigned vehicles for the district. For some, it was nice to sleep in our own beds; but for most it was another week on the road.

Houghton Lake Home

Houghton Lake was the next stop on the Blue Goose Tour. Thank you to Camper World for allowing us to use one of your facilities for the week! It may have been cold outside, but inside, the team was warming up to record breaking productivity! Let me tell you, the sergeant at Houghton Lake was nothing short of amazing! These cars were cleaned out like they were headed to auction – making our jobs much easier. Without a doubt we accomplished so much because of this assist.

This was Nick’s last week on the travel team before his transfer to Kalamazoo. We also found out we’d be losing our assigned trooper, who’d been with us since day one. On to bigger things – and as a sergeant!

Last Stop In The 7th – Cadillac

That catches you up with our travels! This week, Kalamazoo is trying something new with one person/one vehicle per day and the Travel Team is tying up loose ends here in the North.