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We recently had the opportunity to see what another Chevrolet dealership included for one of our customers in a “prep package”. What we learned? We backed the right horse as there is a clear difference in value from what Berger Chevrolet includes and the “other” dealer. Simply Black and White.

Berger Difference – SoundOff mpower®️

Hazards Perform Better & Look Better

The Other Guy – Just Getting By

Berger Value – Room to Grow with SoundOff

The video includes everything…but the sync. These are not apples to apples, but the value is clearly shown when looking at these two vehicles. EVC and Berger can’t be there for everyone, but we can urge everyone to expect more from their dealer and their upfitter. (Outside the control systems, you’d be surprised at the similarity in expense.)

I am pretty darn proud of the EVC team with this and other projects. This week marked the first of the rest of their lives at EVC, and they handled it. Having Wally managing the floor while Amy works through a remodeling nightmare and I prepare for my time on the road, has been quite a change for everyone.