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Kolton, Brittany, Wally and Amy are holding down the fort in Kalamazoo with new and old customers alike! Four days and six different customers this week! The upheaval of the remodel adds to the stresses of the daily grind – parts strewn between separate storage areas, pirated pieces forgotten and builds without anything new could pave the way to frustration. However, that isn’t who we are at EVC.

Here are a few of the projects we have rolling along in Kalamazoo. From rebuilds, fresh builds and remodeling, the crew has been plugging along serving those who serve and protect!

Brittany on Consoles – Dowagiac
Hillsdale County via Enterprise
Kolton on Pushbumpers
Gerald Ford Airport Police
SoundOff Signal’s mpower®️
On The Road – Grandville with Printek
All This And Remodel Mess Too
Finally It’s Nearing A Finish