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We want to bring some attention to a product we offer, the Univisor.  Competition is slim with this market, and Univisor is what other’s are trying to beat.  You pick the words and we provide the Univisor, either in the LED Univisor or the standard Univisor placard.  The market tends to push towards public safety, but the usage isn’t most assuredly not limited to those who serve and protect.

You Choose The Words and Color

The LED Univisor is priced well below the recently introduced competitor in the US market with MSRP being $175 compared to over $240.  Quantity orders will receive discounts.  This pricing includes a RF remote to control the LED Univisor as well as power chords.  The box includes a 12V plug, but the end user can adapt to direct wire for more permanent installations.  We carry non-custom wording of POLICE (blue), FIRE (red), FUNERAL DIRECTOR (purple) and INCIDENT COMMAND (green).  Shipping time is currently two weeks, but is expected to drop in the next month.

Other users can include:

Readily Identify Yourself

  • Media
  • Rural Postal Carriers
  • Utility Companies
  • Ride Share
  • Courts
  • Universities
  • Coroner
  • Response Team
  • Victim Teams
  • Marshal Offices

The list is really only limited by what our customers choose.  Our company uses a standard Univisor with OUT OF SERVICE printed on the vinyl for when we move customer vehicles.  If you think the Univisor may be right for you, give us a call and order yours today!

For OFFICIAL use type wording, a copy of your department ID will be required as well.