Vehicle Upfitting

Emergency vehicles don’t magically appear in police lots across the county.  They take planning, precision, and patience.  The decisions you make are lasting and if upfitting isn’t your strong suit, there is an answer.  Let EVC’s expertise and experience help your department customize your vehicle.  Make sure you get, and only pay for, what you need!


The Left Seat Matters

Let Us Serve You

No matter what you do, your time is precious.  Why should your maintenance department have to take time out of their busy schedules to provide things like emergency lighting installation?  Can you trust upfitting to the same people who change your oil and tires?  Even if you do plan and budget for in-house upfitting, EVC can still help.  Purchasing your products through us gives you access to our team and their expertise!

Ergonomics Versus Space – The Battle Rages

Designed with the left seat in mind, our upfitting processes and design will fit like a glove!  With over 30 years of “being there, doing that,” Wally and Scott know how to make your mobile office both functional and safe.  With more and more tools finding their ways into the cockpit of police vehicles, you need someone to help navigate the choices.  From making the right product choices, to placing the products in the right spot, you can rely on us to do it right.

Honesty, Integrity, Value

EVC, LLC will provide you with honest opinions, itegrity of installation and value beyond anything you have experienced.  Our commitment to these ideals is demonstrated in our choices of vendor partners.  Nobody likes to feel like a number, and for that reason, EVC selects partners who take the time to know us and our customers.   Upfitting with EVC means we understand:

  • Sirens
  • Lightbars
  • LED lights
  • Strobe systems
  • Partitions
  • Consoles
  • Siren and Light Controls
  • Speakers
  • Pushbars
  • Camera and Computer Systems/Equipment

Customers Who Have Experienced EVC's Value

Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety

Michigan State University Police

Western Michigan University Police

Central Michigan University Police

Sturgis Police Department

Calhoun County Sheriff Department

Delta County Sheriff Department

Mattawan Police Department

Enterprise Fleet Management



Allegan County Sheriff Department

Cadillac Police Department

Eaton Rapids Police Department

Kalamazoo Township Fire Department

Muskegon Police Department

East Grand Rapids Police Department

United States National Park Police

Portland Police Department

Berger Chevrolet

Niles Police Department

Portage Police Department

Holland Police Department

Kent County Sheriff Department

Mulder’s Landscaping

S&T Landscaping

Kalamazoo Metro Transit

Portage Public Schools

State Systems Radio

What is an emergency vehicle?

An emergency vehicle is defined as being a police automobile, an ambulance or a fire truck.  They are distinguished by their flash lights when responding to an emergency.  These lights may consist of red, white or a combination of the two.  When responding to an emergency, they vehicles are in constant motion.

So if the vehicle you have purchased for your department is lacking these flashing lights, what should you do?

That’s right!  Bring it in to see our professionals at EVC for a fully customized vehicle conversion!

Emergency Vehicle Guidelines

What should you do if you are approached by an emergency vehicle flashing their lights and sirens blaring?  That’s simple.

Follow these steps:

· You must yield the right of way to the emergency vehicle.

· You must immediately drive to the right hand edge or curb of the roadway, parallel to the roadway and keep all intersections clear.

· You must stop and remain stopped until the emergency vehicle or vehicles have passed.

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