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Fire Vehicle Upfitting

Is there a new rescue or chief’s vehicle in your department’s future?  How about a brush rig? Have you purchased the vehicle of choice and now need a proper shop to upfit it to meet your team’s specifications?  Well, look no further than to our hard working team at EVC!  We can offer your department a customized vehicle that may include:

·   Full Turn-Key

·   Custom Cabinetry

·   Custom Consoles

·   Latest LED Lighting

·   Multiplex Electrical

·  Computers and Radios

·  Quality Graphics


The Chief Needs a Ride Too

Not only does a fire department need the typical aparatus, but there is the need of a command vehicle as well.  A command vehicle can be an important part of successful fire ground operations.  Our team at EVC, LLC specializes in providing fire departments with custom solutions for any make or model of light-duty vehicles.  It doesn’t matter if it is a pick-up, traditional SUV or something in between, we work with you to make it yours.

Every design that leaves our shop is fully customized in order to meet your department’s demands.  Our vendor partners can equip your fire vehicle with drawer systems, command boards, radio consoles, or are very own SCBA drawer.  Of course there is lighting, and we offer the very best in SoundOff Signal.

You have your job and we have ours.  So focus on your job and not your vehicle.


Aparatus is purchased with longevity in mind.  When your truck, engine or tanker was purchased, it represented the latest in technology and lighting.  As the years go by, new technology emerges and leaves halogens and strobes behind.  EVC can retrofit your existing aparatus with the latest in lighting from SoundOff Signal and TecNiq.  The use of new lighting reduces electrical draw, increases visability and is built on reliabilty.