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Police Vehicle Planning

It’s that time again.  Your department must replace your fleet of police vehicles, or at least a portion of them.  With so many choices and options, it makes sense to have someone guide you through the process.   Once your department has completed its research to find the vehicle that fits not only your budget, but also your requirements, you then have to find where to take these special vehicles to be upfitted.

There is no need to look any further.  EVC, LLC has the experience and products for you.

Our team of friendly professionals is here to assist your department in creating the police fleet that meets your needs.

Don't Forget Special Operations

Many police department fleets contain a special operations unit.  EVC, LLC will ensure that your special unit is the emergency vehicle to fit your needs.  A range of specialty police vehicles that your department may need may be:

· SWAT Jump-Out Trucks

· Surveillance Units

· Crime Scene and Evidence Collection Units

· Covert Operations Units

Don’t forget your marine patrol boats!


Diverse Police Vehicle Platforms

We will upfit a wide variety of platforms including those from Chevrolet, Ford and Fiat Chrysler (Dodge).  EVC will take your department’s concept and turn it into a vehicle that will provide you with a multitude of service years for your department.  We can include the following features:

· Innovative Design

· Industry Leading Lighting by SoundOff

· Superior Fit and Finish

· Multiplex Electrical

·  Light Towers

·  Communications