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The Blue Goose Tour arrived in Calumet Tuesday night, ready to continue our pace but maybe not so much the weather! It was a rainy and cool start, but the sun is out today and we’re warming up to the latitude! Staying in Houghton and commuting up to Calumet has allowed us to enjoy two communities over the last several days. It certainly is God’s country!

It was a cold morning…28°

We are staying steady at our 5 vehicles per day production rate and have really become a well-oiled team of 9-11 folks from MSP and EVC. This week, our division captain made the trip here to check in and offer his continued support, something I know we all appreciate. Many are watching this project closely, and the whole team is proud of the work we’re doing and even more so enthusiastic about staying ahead of schedule.

Great Facilities Help the Process