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The heat may have moved past us, but we turned it up this week with production. We welcomed Ira, Nick and Jen to the MSP team, bringing our number up to 6. Make sure to tell folks EVC is looking to hire two more as we transition from Metro South to Metro North in the coming weeks.

Nearly tripping over each other didn’t hold up production

Thursday was an amazing day, with eight of us working. We kept our MSP friends hopping and exceeded our production goal for the day. This run, however, led to us running out of antennas. Rolling with it, we decided to take a much needed breather after going so strong. Even Scott left for home for the first time since starting the project!

We really get into our work

We are looking forward to next week, our continued growth and exceeding this week’s production! Overall, it was a great week to be a part of the EVC family!