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What a great week we are going to have! Our car count shows us moving to Metro North sooner than anticipated! Exciting news, even if we have gotten to feel like home here at Metro South. Many more of these bitter sweet moves in the future for all or our team!

Ira checking in with Micah on jobs one and two for today

Starting the week with only 19 installs left to go, our “freshman” teams knocked out three today. Micah is really stepping up at the consoles and Nick picked up the trunk like he has always done it. Trying to keep up with Ira and Terry just isn’t possible as they move fast, even in today’s humidity and heat!

EVC, STOP, Not until the job is done!

Even as the day wound down, the crew decided they wouldn’t stop until we cleared the garage. We did it, and with no misses! I couldn’t be more proud of the EVC team and really can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! (Our MSP Family was stellar today as well, setting up a great schedule and all the necessary pieces to make this project move along.)